Kitchen Spotlight: Bright and Bold Cottage Kitchen

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

The sculptor, Elena Colombo, creates fire pits and bowls in dramatic sizes and shapes. Her home is colorful, too, with a flair for the found object. Here are a few things we noticed about her kitchen:

• That vibrant spring-green color on the kitchen walls didn’t come in one can. Colombo layered on three colors: yellow, white, and spring-green. The result is this multi-dimensional greenish-yellow. It’s so bright and pretty, a wonderful backdrop for vegetables!

• There’s very little counter space; instead she brought in vintage tables and cupboards.

• This vintage sink was rusted around the bottom, so she painted a bright red stripe to cover the rest and dress up the sink.

• This cabinet was painted with leftover paint from another project.

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(Images: Martha Stewart)


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