Kitchen Spotlight: Classic Modern (+ Gorgeous Cabinets)

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

If there is one thing we covet in a kitchen it’s deep, spacious, gorgeous cabinetry. And oh boy – did this kitchen get our attention. We want to cook here! For more photos of this lovely vintage modern renovation, read on.

This kitchen is part of a classic mid-century home in Kansas – a Donald Drummond home designed by architect David B. Runnels. It was built in 1951 and lovingly, diligently restored by its new owners over the last several years. The kitchen is especially impressive – we’d love to throw a cocktail party here!

• We love how open this kitchen is – open to the outdoors through that bank of windows, open to the dining table, and open to the rest of the house.

• Such a unique layout – with the living area above! It’s a great space for entertaining.

• We’re having serious envy over all those drawers!

• The counter was kept carefully neutral so the woodwork could stand out.

• Here you can see the ridiculous amount of clean, classic storage – we love the open shelves above the drawers!

• Note how the toaster and microwave are stowed below the counters and out of the line of sight. This kitchen also has great lighting from both windows and warm ceiling lamps.

• The table is original to the house and purchased from the original owners.

• See the whole house tour here: House Tour: The Foster’s Drummond Dream Home at AT: Chicago

(Images: Sarahrae)