The Brilliant Towel Holder Hack That’ll Save You Room Under the Kitchen Sink

updated Sep 13, 2019
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Credit: Joe Lingeman/Kitchn

Isn’t it funny how some of the places you need to store things are sometimes the trickiest places to utilize? I’m specifically thinking of that awkward space under the kitchen sink. 

The cabinet is deep and also encroached upon by both the bowl of your kitchen sink and the plumbing. But that’s where you need to store sponges, countertop cleaner, disinfectant, your bottle brushes, scrubbing cleanser for the sink, the garbage bags … the list goes on. It’s a tangled mess waiting to happen. 

You may have heard of the tension rod solution. It’s the hack where you place a tension rod across the opening of the cabinet and hang your cleaning product bottles from it. Getting the cleaning bottles off the floor of the cabinet makes a big difference in being able to move your other items closer to the front of the cabinet and also makes the bottles easy to grab. 

But there’s one problem. Sometimes you can close the cabinet door too hard and knock the tension rod down. Or it falls down because you hung your spray bottle a little too enthusiastically. It’s sadly happened to me way too many times. 

Credit: Joe Lingeman/Kitchn

There’s a hack of a hack, though, that offers the same benefits of getting bottles up and out of the way, yet delivers it without the risk of the system falling apart. What is it? Using a towel rack on the inside of the cabinet door!

The small racks that are designed to hang a kitchen towel on the outside of your cabinet door can be flipped around so the rung is on the inside of the cabinet instead. The rung, like the tension rod, provides a perfect handle for hanging your cleaning bottles. Sure, the rung is shorter, so you can’t store as many bottles, but it’s far more secure and won’t ever come crashing down. Plus, it’ll help you whittle down that collection of cleaners you’ve got.

How have you created extra storage under your kitchen sink?