This $13 Hack Turns My Sink Into a Cooking Prep Station Every Chef Would Envy

published Apr 4, 2024
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High angle view of rinsing strawberries in kitchen sink
Credit: Ana Rocio Garcia Franco/Getty Images

Workstation sinks can make the most of your kitchen with all of its clever built-in gadgets and solutions. While they differ in style and size, most make exceptional use of an empty sink with tracks all around the sides so you can set drying racks, cutting boards, and even large colanders into the sink, and max out your space. 

If you’re not in the market to buy a whole new sink (read: me), the best parts of the workstation sink are actually within reach for anyone willing to plunk down a few dollars for a soaking colander, like this Citylife colander set.

This soaking colander is a two-in-one tool (a bowl and a strainer) that can be used together or separately, and also can be stored together or separately, saving space as well as energy. It’s endlessly versatile around the kitchen — you can use it to strain pasta and chickpeas, wash berries, thaw meat, or even to stash cooking tools in soapy water while food is being prepared (much like this makeshift “bus bin” made of a plastic shoebox), making cleanup a breeze. You get two sets so you can designate them for whatever tasks you need.

Oh, and did we mention it’s dishwasher-safe? Win-win-win.

These kinds of smart multipurpose tools are bound to become favorites in any kitchen, big or small, and when you consider that this one provides the same perk as a specialty sink at a mere fraction of the price, adding one to your own kitchen is a clear choice.

Buy: Citylife Kitchen Colander, Set of 2, $12.97