10 Kitchens with Secret Rooms That Are Making Us Extremely Jealous Right Now

updated May 27, 2020
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A modern white kitchen with stone countertops and stainless steel appliances
Credit: Marie-Lyne Quirion

I thought having a dishwasher was a desirable feature in a kitchen, or a fridge that has two doors and enough room to hold more than a week’s worth of groceries. But then I saw these kitchens with entire SECRET rooms hidden behind pantry doors and underneath kitchen islands (yes, really) and my idea of a “dream” kitchen suddenly expanded.

There’s a new trend on TikTok where people show off the best part of their homes. All the videos follow the same script: “Everybody has that one thing in their house that everybody thinks is so cool. Could be a hidden cabinet. Little movie room. Gadget. But ours is this.” The content creators walk around their home and then finally reveal their “coolest” space in their home. There are over 30,000 videos attached to this script. The most popular ones showcase thinks like huge pools, jaw-dropping high ceilings, and quirky bathrooms.

There are also a surprising number of kitchens featured in this trend, and many of them have the aforementioned secret rooms. The majority of these secret kitchen rooms are actually just pantries, but there are a couple surprising ones, too (like a speakeasy!). Here are a few of the best ones I’ve seen so far.

There’s a lot to unpack in this first video. I mean, first, did you guys see that wine storage situation? I thought that was going to be the secret “room” but then she goes further into the kitchen (which is massive) and opens a door that looks like it would lead into a shallow pantry. But no! It’s a smaller room with a sink and another fridge.

So. Many. Questions. Why exactly would you want that feature in a kitchen? Is it like the bonus pantry area? Or maybe a secret entry to the garage? It looks ominous! I’m a little scared.

I love this one. It really got me! I had no idea that there was going to be a secret room behind those doors. Also, I love how it’s basically their snack and cookbook room — they just need to add a chair in there and it’s kind of my dream place.


When I designed the layout for our remodel, I took a gamble. The area that is now the pantry / butlers pantry was once a dining room w/ 3 big windows

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Ok I found this one particularly interesting because according to her caption that space used to be a dining room with THREE windows. She decided to make it a little pantry cave instead and I approve.

This isn’t a secret room in a kitchen, it’s a secret KITCHEN room! And not only that, it’s this wild retro diner. Do they eat dinner in there? Do they host parties? I need more information.

Did I just walk into a mini 7-Eleven? The snacks! The coffee! Someone has priorities.

At first I thought the secret room was going to be behind the door with the handles, but no! It pops out from the wall. And what do we see? A freaking SPEAKEASY. How casual.

This is a hidden room…for DOGS! And what’s better than that?

This small secret room looks like it only has one thing in it: a washer-dryer. What are you cleaning in there? Just dish rags?

Another classic secret room. This looks like a shallow closet, but no! It goes way back! And it’s filled with what looks like cleaning supplies and a little breakfast nook.