Kitchen Resolution: Upgrade My Small Appliances

Kitchen Resolution: Upgrade My Small Appliances

Kate Gagnon
Jan 17, 2014
(Image credit: Kate Gagnon)

Sometimes it's not until you have guests over that it becomes immediately, alarmingly, clear that you've been using a most-silly do-for in the kitchen for some time. Suddenly, your Rube Goldberg kitchen contraption for making coffee seems so absurd when there's an audience. Am I the only one that sometimes continues using semi-functioning or bizarre processes in the kitchen just because it's habit? Why is this, when it's so easily fixed?

Take for instance the time a friend watched me make coffee for two. Using a plastic pour over filter positioned over a French press (sans press), I measured out pre-ground coffee that sat directly on top of a lovely, but non-functioning grinder. My friend peppered me with various totally logical questions such as: "Why are you making coffee in the silliest way imaginable?" "Why don't you use that grinder to have fresh coffee?" "Why don't you use your French press as a French press?"

Thus began the long tale about how even though I have a very nice, quality coffee grinder, it broke and remains stuck on the coarseness required for French press coffee. To save you the saga let's cut to the chase: the grinder was actually the root of all my problems, but I was avoiding fixing that because it was easier to use something that resembled a game of Mouse Trap instead.

The point is, all this was fixed when a friend gifted me a simple, one button grinder for Christmas. The grinder is simple, effective, and delightfully un-fancy in that there is no way it will malfunction anytime soon. And the result? Perfectly delicious coffee. Why hadn't I done this before?

Feeling liberated by something so simple, I've resolved to cut my kitchen losses in 2014 and work towards pitching out the things that aren't up to speed, one by one. Perhaps the replacements can't all be the best of the best, but that will come in time. Think about it: when you're buying a bed, the salesperson always points out that the average person spends a third of their life in bed, but how much time do I spend making coffee or cooking dinner or baking?

What items are you hoping to replace in 2014?

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