Kitchen Renovation: Green Walls, White Tile, and a DonkeyElle Decor

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

There are so many things we love about this kitchen. The copper pots, the unexpected forest green color, the charcoal grey cabinets, and the way the subway tile looks like the inside of an actual, slightly gritty subway, even though it’s new. We’ll even cop to liking the donkey head.

This kitchen was built to be a workhorse. It’s owned by Bronson van Wyck, who runs an event design firm. He claims to entertain twice a week.

We loved this quote referring to the aesthetic van Wyck and his designer were going for: “The kitchens we liked most were not actually designed to be seen. We ended up creating one that’s supposed to be at the back of a French or English manor home.” This room does have an old-world feeling; we could see the butler and the cook milling around back here. The kitchen is stately and yet has a warm, well-loved look about it.

Plus, how beautiful is that green? We don’t see that very often, and it’s so pretty paired with the white tiles and cool, black shelves and countertops. There’s such a great mismatched quality to this room—wood, copper, limestone, chalkboard (on the fridge). It’s modern and rough-and-tumble at the same time. And the drawer pulls on the island are from an old library card catalogue!

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(Images: Tara Striano/Elle Decor)