11 Game-Changing Products to Instantly Banish Pests From Your Kitchen This Summer

updated Jul 31, 2023
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Now that it’s finally feeling sunny and warm out, there are tons of things to be excited about, including outdoor activities, open-air dining, and … pests? Not to shatter your enthusiasm by bringing up such a revolting topic, but the sad truth is that rats and roaches enjoy the toastier conditions just as much as humans do. It’s important to stay on the lookout for such crawly creatures all year round, but never more so than the summer. In fact, if your indoor and outdoor spaces aren’t already equipped with repelling forces, that’s something you want to get onto, ASAP! But don’t panic — there are plenty of effective sprays and plug-ins on the market to help combat this potential problem, and we’ve taken the liberty of compiling some of the best ones. It doesn’t matter if your unwanted visitors have four, six, or eight legs: None of them stand a chance against these powerful products!

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There's no guarantee that these fan-favorite bug-repellant sticks won't sell out again, so you'd be smart to grab a set or two before summer arrives. Instead of using toxic chemicals, they employ natural essential oils to simultaneously make your outdoor space smell pleasant and keep bugs away. Each stick lasts up to four hours, deterring black flies, horse flies, hornets, and mosquitoes from coming near you.

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Not only do these little red fly traps rid your kitchen of food-spoiling pests, but they also look adorable. You get four for less than $15, and each trap lasts 45 days. What's more, you'll never have to touch dead bugs when disposing of the traps because the flies will be stuck inside. Plus, the traps aren't plug-ins, so your energy bill won't rise.

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Gnats, mosquitos, and flies don't stand a chance against the DynaTrap DOT. It's incredibly easy to use: Simply plug it into any standard outlet and let the two UV LED lights and StickyTech cards do the rest. You're sure to be satisfied with how many pests each card catches.

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If you're not into essential oils, you'll appreciate this mosquito killer, which dispenses an odorless vapor that's fatal to the insects within 20 feet of its location. We also love that you can recharge it with the included USB cable, meaning this device is easily portable. Bring it on camping trips, picnics, and hikes, or keep it on your back patio for uninhibited lounging.

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Whereas many pest control products only repel one type of bug or rodent, these will keep everything from ants to spiders to rats away from your indoor areas. The repellers are also silent, so once you plug them in, you'll forget they're even there. They, too, are a great alternative to chemical-laden products.

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This toxic-to-termites foam appears to be the most popular product for getting rid of the destructive bugs, at least on Amazon. Once you spray the foam into any visible cracks in your home's foundation, it expands to fill them and kill subterranean termites and carpenter bees. Reviewers swear it really works, and for under $10, it's definitely worth a try.

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There are lots of effective bug sprays out there, but if you don't feel like applying repellant directly to your body, this electric zapper works great instead. Although it's designed to kill flies specifically, it'll electrocute almost any bug that flies into its high-voltage netting. You might even keep it by the front door to prevent flies and mosquitos from getting in.

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If your home already has a rat infestation problem, it might be time to call the exterminator. But you're better off preventing that problem before it even happens with these essential oil-based rat repellant pouches. You can safely leave them on your counters and in your pantry and rest assured that they'll deter rodents from getting into your food. The pouches are available in a two- and four-pack, or individually.

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People who enjoy the smell of vinegar are best off repelling fruit flies with this vinegar-based trap, which is an editor-favorite. It's tiny but works like a charm at trapping and killing those annoying little gnats that buzz around your produce. Each bottle lasts three days, so it's a good idea to grab a few while you're browsing Amazon.

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Certain pests are powerful enough to kill outdoor plants, but thankfully this Bio Insecticide is even better at getting rid of mites, stink bugs, leaf beetles, and plenty of other nuisances. At the same time, it's harmless to benign flora and fauna, even helping your trees and flowers thrive. Additionally, you can use the insecticide on veggie and fruit crops without any worries.

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This set of ultrasonic repellers will keep the most annoying pests away, including bed bugs, roaches, and even rats. Once you plug each device in, you won't have to refill it, and it'll cover up to 1,600 square feet. Also of note is each repeller's night light setting, which will come in handy during late-night snack and bathroom runs.