5 Organizing Tools Every Kitchen Should Have

updated May 1, 2019
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We usually hate saying that you have to buy something in order to get an organized home, but there are a few things that really are necessary. Especially in the kitchen. What are these things?

We went to the experts and asked them to share the essentials every kitchen needs to stay organized. Here are some of their favorite tools — and, honestly, we couldn’t agree more. (That’s why we went a step further and recommended a specific product for each category.)

1. Kitchen drawer dividers

If you’ve ever pulled out a kitchen drawer only to watch as ladles and spatulas kept getting stuck and tangled, consider adding drawer dividers. “These are customizable to the space of your drawer and help contain and separate your utensils and cooking tools,” says Kirsten Fisher, a professional organizer and owner of Imagine Home Organization.

2. Plastic pantry bins

To keep your pantry from becoming a disorganized mess, first sort items into like categories (i.e. keep baking items together, snacks together, etc.), Fisher suggests. “These plastic bins with handles are my favorite because they come in four sizes so you can match the size to what you have to store,” she says.

3. Adjustable lid racks

Struggling to find the right lid for that pot you need for pasta shouldn’t be annoying and it won’t be if you have adjustable lid racks that sit inside your cabinet. “This keeps things in order,” says Claudia Sidoti, head chef and recipe developer at HelloFresh. “Having all of your lids visible makes it easier to find everything you need to start cooking.”

4. Spice racks

Separating your basil from your bay leaves can be a game changer and the best way to organize your spices is in a spice rack. “Spice racks are another area where clutter can really build up,” Sidoti says.

5. Wall-mounted organizers

When it comes to smaller kitchens with little room for larger kitchen utensils like whisks, use your wall space to your advantage, suggests Sidoti. “These items don’t sit properly in drawers so these wall racks minimize clutter and maximize access.”

This post originally ran on Apartment Therapy. See it there: 10 Organizing Tools Every Home Should Have