7 Organizers Meant for Other Rooms That Are Actually Great for the Kitchen

updated Apr 30, 2019
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Sometimes the best way to get your kitchen organized is to, um, steal organizers meant for other rooms. See, there are so many great products out there. What really speaks to their greatness is the fact that they can actually be repurposed throughout the house. And we often find that these things solve problems that no kitchen-specific products can solve.

Take a look and you’ll see what we mean.

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Technically meant for: Organizing magazines in a living room or home office.

How to repurpose it: Put this in a cabinet and use it to store food storage container lids vertically. This would also work with sheet pans, lightweight cutting boards, and some lids to pots and pans. By storing these things vertically, you can pull one out without sending a tower tumbling to the ground.

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Technically meant for: Stashing shoes in a closet or bedroom.

How to repurpose it: Hang this over your pantry door (if you have one) and use the pockets to hold seasoning packets, simmer sauce pouches, unopened condiments, and more.

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Technically meant for: Holding magazines and books in an office or library.

How to repurpose it: Use these on a pantry shelf to hold short canned goods — just place them in the holders on their sides and stack ’em up. You can also use these to hold things that would ordinarily fall over on your shelves. Looking at you, pasta boxes!

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Technically meant for: Holding file folders in an office.

How to repurpose it: Hang this on the back of a cabinet door (instead of the wall) and use it to hold your boxes of zip-top baggies, parchment paper, and aluminum foil. Or, depending on the size and weight of your cutting boards, you could use this to hold them and keep them out of the way.

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5. Wet Dry Bag, $12

Technically meant for: The laundry room or your travel bag.

How to repurpose it: Use a hook to hang this up under your kitchen sink and you’ll always have a place to throw your dirty (and still-wet!) dish towels and used cloth napkins.

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Technically meant for: Holding makeup and jewelry in the bathroom or on a vanity.

How to repurpose it: If you bake a lot, chances are you have a bunch of cookie cutters, sprinkles, and random small pieces that need a home. This display case is just the spot. And because the drawers are clear, you can see exactly what’s being stored where.

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Technically meant for: Holding your hair dryer and curling iron in a bathroom cabinet.

How to repurpose it: Put this over the cabinet door that’s under your sink and you’ll have a spot for scrubby brushes, towels, and spray bottles to hang. Plus, that basket can hold other cleaning supplies, too.

Do you have any other organizers that you’ve repurposed for the kitchen? Tell us about your brilliant ideas in the comments below.

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