Kitchen Organization: Where Do You Store Wine?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We can’t all have a trapdoor wine cellar under our kitchen floor. Lacking that extravagant home feature, where (and how) do you store your wine?

We don’t usually have more than a few bottles on hand at any given time, since we tend to go through it pretty quickly! But we are slowly starting to acquire bottles that we’d like to store for a year or more, and we also are more in the habit now of buying a case at a time. It saves money, and it’s great for last minute dinner parties.

Ours, sadly, tends to get stashed in a cardboard box in the corner of the dining room. We’d love to change that, but we aren’t crazy about most of the wine storage solutions we’ve seen. Too ugly, too exposed, too expensive…

So we’re curious. How do you store your wine? Do you have a dozen or so bottles stashed away? Or more, perhaps? Where do you store your extra bottles?

If you have a photo, link it up here, or send it to us! We’ll do a gallery of reader wine storage solutions, if we receive a few or more from you guys. Inspire us!

(Image: Spiral Wine Cellars)