Kitchen Mojo: What’s Your Favorite Time of Day to Cook?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

All our conversations about Three Square Meals last month got us thinking about some of our habits in the kitchen, like what time we find ourselves there! Of course, when we make breakfast or start preparing dinner might be totally different than when we’d actually be cooking if left to our own devices! What’s your favorite time to be in the kitchen?

I’m a big fan of late afternoon. I’m not yet starving for dinner, I’m alone in the house, and I’m done with all the rush of the day. The light is soft and diffused (I loved it when I lived in an apartment with a west-facing kitchen!). I feel like I have time to browse recipes and linger over ingredients.

Of course, that doesn’t happen every day! I’m often stuck in front of the computer on a deadline or just have too many things going on to really focus on dinner. But in my ideal world, work would finish around 4:30, and I’d have a solid two hours of tinkering away in the kitchen.

I’ve also always loved the romance of late-night cooks. I get too sleepy myself, but I have a friend who doesn’t really get her kitchen mojo going until close to midnight. And then there’s my dad who will get up at the crack of dawn to knead bread dough before anyone else is awake!

What about you? What’s your favorite time of day to cook?

(Image: Flickr member ginnerobot licensed under Creative Commons)