13 Pretty Kitchen Islands That Add Extra Storage, Starting at $116

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You know why storage space in your kitchen is such a precious commodity? It’s difficult to add more of it. Unless you can renovate your kitchen, you’re generally stuck with whatever amount of countertop and cupboard storage it comes with. We’ve found lots of shelves, bins, and organizers that will help you make the most of your storage space, but there is not a lot you can do to actually increase it. That is, unless you add a kitchen island.

What Is a Kitchen Island?

These brilliant contraptions can be as compact as bar carts or as big as tables, and they create counter, drawer, and cabinet space out of thin air. If you have the floor space for one of these units, it’s a smart way to declutter your kitchen and give you more room to prep meals — and it’s far more affordable than any renovation. Check out our favorite storage kitchen islands and find the perfect one for your home.

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was $270.00

With a compact design, two drop-leaf extensions, and both cabinet and drawer storage, this kitchen island has everything you need to maximize a small space. We like that it also has a railing at the back of the lower shelf to prevent stuff from falling off.

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You get a lot of different storage options in this kitchen island, which is nice. The bottle racks can hold up to four bottles of wine, the wire basket pulls out to make it more accessible, and the bottom shelf has enough headspace to stack bowls or serving dishes. The stainless-steel top is also easy to clean and care for.

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For a no-frills, budget-friendly option that will be a workhorse in your kitchen, get this rolling island. It has a towel rack on one side and roomy shelves that are great for holding bulky appliances such as stand mixers so they don't take up space on your counters.

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was $239.99

By including shelves, racks, and storage spaces on all four sides, this kitchen island is a smart choice if you have room in the center of your kitchen. With spots for holding wine bottles, tableware, spices, and pantry items, this island is a complete storage solution.

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was $255.99

This mid-size kitchen island has a good mix of storage types, from open (and covered) shelves to a drawer and a towel rack. You can use it to keep the pantry items, spices, and cooking oils and liquids that you use most often, as well as a few dishes so you can plate food without even opening your cabinets.

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was $209.99

For a full-sized kitchen island, this vintage-looking wooden model is a fantastic bargain. It seriously has every kind of storage you could want in your kitchen, including upside-down wine glass holders, and its spacious shelves and cabinets can hold small appliances and complete sets of dishware.

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was $179.99

This full-sized, budget-friendly kitchen island takes its storage duties seriously. Its cabinets can hold dinnerware, glassware, mixing bowls, and appliances. Plus, it has a deep drawer for utensils and small kitchen gadgets. The best part, though, is the drop-leaf table extension — it transforms this from a humble kitchen island into a table you can eat at.

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was $273.99

This rolling island packs a lot of utility into a small design. Three shelves (with safety railings) hold spices, cooking liquids, and pantry items, and two holes cut into the wooden top give you easy access to cooking oils. The pull-out trash bin also lets you sweep food scraps off the tabletop and right inside — so convenient! Plus, the knife-holding slot lets you store your knives where you need them and frees up space in your drawers.

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was $346.48

The stainless-steel top on this kitchen island is easy to keep clean and can hold hot pots and pans directly, saving you from using trivets or dish towels as buffers. We also like the convenience of having a paper towel rack, three drawers for storage, and an attached spice rack that holds your salt, pepper, and other cooking essentials.

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With a butcher block tabletop and a clean, modern design, this kitchen island is a simple yet stylish choice. If you keep dinner- and drinkware on the open shelf, this becomes your super-efficient plating station at dinner time. Plus, partitioned cubbies on both ends of the shelf are convenient spots to hold your most-frequently used oils, salts, and spices.

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Luxury and practicality meet in this rolling kitchen island with a real granite countertop. So in addition to adding tons of shelf space and extra drawers to your kitchen, this storage masterpiece also brings some serious style and sophistication. Plus, it has spots to hang two dishtowels — a small but convenient detail.

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This Baxton Studio storage cart contains the perfect mix of style and functionality. With an extendable drop-leaf table for when you need more counter space, a detachable tray for serving, a towel holder, and plenty of open and closed shelving, it's hard to go wrong!

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was $239.99

This wood kitchen cart is not only functional but has an eye-catching design that will leave you impressed. Its compact size is perfect for space-conscious apartments, and if you're a spice enthusiast, the three racks provide plenty of room. Moreover, it has wine bottle holders and open shelving for plates and bowls.