40 Kitchen Hacks and Tips from 2009

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Tool and Cleaning Tips
Unitasker Redemption: Chop Nuts with a Pastry Cutter
10 Tips To Make Your Dishwasher Run Better
Kitchen Keeping: How to Clean the Pot After Boiling Sugar
Look! Metal Mixing Bowl As Dining Accessory

Cleaning Tip: Vacuum Your Stovetop and Refrigerator
Kitchen Hack: How To Make a DIY Tube Pan
DIY Oven Maintenance: Adjusting the Temperature Gauge
Quick Tip: Use Men’s Handkerchiefs Instead of Cheesecloth
Best Way to Drizzle Chocolate: A Squeeze Bottle
Use Parchment Paper as Muffin Cup Liners
How To: Calibrate Your Meat Thermometer
How to Build a Make-Shift Cooling Rack
Quick Tip: Preheat Your Cookie Sheets!
Five Ways to Keep Your Cutting Board from Slipping
Easy Entertaining: Five Simple Tips for Plating Food
Use an Asian Soup Spoon to Fill Muffin Cups
Make Stock in a Pasta Strainer
Reader Tip: Organize Your Fridge with Six-Packs

Cooking and Preserving Food
Tip: Freeze Fruit Fillings for Pies Right Now
How to Make Milk Foam (Without a Frother or a Machine!)
Mix & Match Bagged Meals At Home
How To Make a Perfect Ice Cream Sandwich
Quick n’ Easy: Ways to Soften Butter

Tip: Boil Your Vegetables with Your Pasta
Lunch at Work: How Do You Keep Your Sandwiches from Getting Soggy?
Tip: How To Chill Wine Quickly with Salt
How To Plump Up Your Raisins
What To Do With…? 75 Tips for Leftovers and Ingredients
Salt and Drain Cucumbers and Zucchini
In a Cooking Rut? Change How the Food Is Served
Five Ways to Use Naked Lemons
Tip: Turn Leftover Soup into a Dip
How To Cook Eggs in the Microwave
Use a Whisk to Break Up Brown Sugar
How To Separate an Egg
Creamier (and Lighter!) Sauce With Pasta Water
How To Peel Things
Use Yogurt for a Creamy Soup
How To Make Soup from Almost Anything
How to Peel Garlic by Hand

Were there any tips from The Kitchn’s writers or commenters that you found especially helpful this past year? We have learned so many great new tips and tricks from you guys!

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