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Kitchen Hack: Blow-Dry Your Chicken Before Roasting

published May 9, 2008
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We came across this strange yet sensible tip over at the blog Domestigeek, and we’re curious if anyone has tried it! Since you get the best and crispiest chicken skin when the chicken has been thoroughly dried, this does make sense…

When we roast a chicken we usually pat it dry and then salt it and put it in the fridge, a la the Zuni method. This does dry the surface out quite a bit, but if we have time we like to let it sit out on the counter for a couple hours before actually putting it in the oven.

We’ve never thought of the blowdryer, though – this seems rather brilliant. Roasting a chicken this weekend? Try this out and tell us how it works!

(Image: Riona at Domestigeek)