Kitchen Gear: What to Buy, Borrow or Improvise

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Best Food Blog awards. Seems they like our coverage of kitchen gear (thank you, Saveur!) so I thought I might pull out some of those categories from the blog so you can see for yourself how we have you covered in the gear department.

First a word about buying stuff. When I started writing about cooking tools, I wanted to not only recommend great products, but also get to the bottom of what a cook really needs and what a cook really doesn’t need. In other words, I didn’t want to push you to spend money. Not every problem’s solution is buying a gadget.

Some people choose to borrow (or lend) items they don’t use often, and I love that. Some gadgets can multi-task, and when we discover little tricks like using a pastry blender to chop nuts, we’ll be sure to tell you.

What are the most useful cooking tools? Turns out none break the bank: my list of my top ten favorite kitchen tools has nothing fancy or expensive. (Also check out Emily, Faith and Emma’s lists.) Which tools are just plain silly?? Our post about useless kitchen gadgets has over 100 comments and the conversation is still going.

Our Kitchen Gear Coverage

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