12 Inexpensive Kitchen Finds That Have Helped Me Save Money in the Long Run

updated Apr 24, 2021
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Raise your hand if you’d rather save money than waste it? I’m guessing all of you have your hands raised. I know I have both of mine raised! Because we work hard for every dollar that we bring in — and we want to see each one either be well-spent or wisely saved. Which is where this list comes in. I’ve rounded up 12 relatively inexpensive finds that have helped me save money these last few years. The items span the gamut to include cleaning supplies, cooking tools, storage solutions, and more.

Yes, you’ll have to shell out a bit of cash now, but you have to spend money to save money. (That’s how the saying goes, right?)

1. Rubbermaid Brilliance Containers

A container from a brand that I used to trust (which shall remain nameless) once leaked in a bag on my way to work and caused some serious laptop damage. New Macbooks are not cheap! But I trust these Rubbermaid containers to hang out in the same tote as my work computer. I’m not exactly commuting much these days, but at home I’ve found that these containers are great for keeping my leftovers fresh. They seal up super tightly, stack neatly in the fridge, and the lids vent for microwaving. I find that we actually eat our leftovers when they’re stored in these containers.

2. W&P Porter Bags

I still buy disposable zip-top bags, but I try to reach for my W&P Porter Bags as much as possible. This not only saves me money (stretching out how long a single box will last me), but it also helps me cut back on the amount of plastic I throw into the trash. I like these because they can flipped inside-out for cleaning.

3. Marley’s Monsters UNpaper Towels

My husband and I once looked at our CVS receipts for the year and were appalled at how much we were spending on paper towels. The money! The waste! I picked up a few packs of these reusable towels and now make it a point to think about them before I reach for a paper towel. I find that I mostly use them to wipe up spills on the counters and stovetop.

4. Takeya Cold Brew Coffee Maker

You already know that making coffee at home can save you lots of money. Tired of spending $4 on mediocre cold brew, I got this pitcher and we’ve been making it at home, using our grounds of choice.

5. Soma Pitcher

I hate to admit this, but I don’t love the taste of the tap water that comes out of my faucets so I used to buy bottled water. Once again: The waste! The expense! I switched to this gorgeous water filter pitcher and my only regret is that I didn’t think to do it sooner.

6. Rubbermaid FreshWorks Produce Saver Containers

Another find from Rubbermaid, these produce savers do wonders for fresh spinach, berries, asparagus, and more. I find that they help my produce stay fresher, longer and they also really help me stretch out the amount of time I can make do between grocery trips. No more wasted produce!

7. GIR Mini Spatula

This one is for all of you who hate to leave any last bit of peanut butter or mayo behind a jar. I find that this mini spatula (a tiny version of my favorite regular spatula!) can help me get more from a jar before I have to move onto another. We’re talking many sandwiches worth of nut butter!

8. OXO Good Grips Box Grater

I recently learned that, according to market research, Americans spend millions of dollars more on shredded cheese than any other form of cheese. That’s so much money spent on shredded cheese! And we’ve all heard that it’s less expensive to buy a block of cheese and shred it yourself; I’m trying to do that more, and my OXO box grater is helping with that. I really like that it has a built-in storage compartment with measurement markings. Plus, the teeth are reliably sharp!

9. Bee’s Wrap

I’ve also made the switch from plastic wrap to Bee’s Wrap (most of the time!) and I really have to tell you: If you don’t like it at first, keep using it. This stuff really does get better with use. The more you handle it, the stickier and more pliable it gets!

10. Food Huggers

I use half a banana every morning (I slice it up to top my overnight oats) and I often find myself with half a lemon or tomato to store. These Food Huggers not only help me save any leftovers for later, but they also help me cut back even more on plastic wrap or foil.

11. JBK Pottery Brown Sugar Saver

My house doesn’t have air conditioning so I find that my sugars (white and brown) clump up and harden very easily. To help keep them loose and ready to use, I keep a few of these terracotta disks on constant rotation. (Note: I know it’s possible to soften sugar that’s hardened but it’s a pain and I’ve given up a few too many times.)

12. Repour

Faith Durand, our editor-in-chief, convinced me to get these after she said she was buying them as holiday gifts for everyone she knew. They’re single-use stoppers and they actually suck the oxygen out of an open bottle of wine, keeping the wine tasting as if you just opened the bottle.

What are some kitchen gadgets that help you save money? Tell us in the comments below.