Kitchen Gardening 101: Part II, Supplies

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)
Now it’s time to tackle what supplies you’ll need. On Wednesday we talked about the
planning phase of your kitchen garden. Let’s move on to the fun stuff.

You need three things: a container for your plants, potting soil, and seeds and/or seedlings (plants). If you’re growing only from seed, buy your seeds and get them started soon. This weekend is a good time to get organized, however if you plan to grow outdoors, you need to wait a few more weeks before it’s safe to set your plants out overnight since nighttime temps still can drop pretty low.

Click through below for all the details on supplies.

Container: For window boxes, we like redwood or cedar. Here are some nice redwood boxes from Or get together with friends from the block and get some of these cedar planters from (minimum 6 per order, but a great deal!)

For pots, use regular terracotta pots with saucers.

Soil: Use soil without added chemicals (you’d be surprised) – ask you local nursery for brands like Coast of Maine or Down to Earth. Online, we like Self-Watering Mix from Gardeners’ Supply and Perfect Start Natural Potting Soil from Gardens Alive. You can also make your own potting soil.

Plant Material: For seeds, we use Peaceful Valley Farm; they offer several brands of seeds including their own house brand, Seeds of Change, Turtle Valley Biodynamic and Horizon Herbs.

For seedlings, in NYC we visit Trina Pilonero from Silver Heights Farm. She’s at the Union Square Farmers’ Market most Wednesdays and Saturdays, and I recommend no other source as I do Trina. If you can’t make it to Union Square, try your local nursery. Remember, you’re eating this stuff – so organic is best. Seedlings should be purchased when you’re ready to plant them. It’s still a little early to set out a window box, but if you plan to grow indoors, you’ll know it’s time once your supplier has stock.