Kitchen Garden Harvest at the White House Today

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We just read that there is going to be an early harvest at the White House today: some of that big, beautiful vegetable garden is getting harvested by kids from Bancroft Elementary, the same kids who helped First Lady Michelle Obama plant the garden to begin with. We’re slightly jealous: our garden doesn’t have much to harvest yet! What about yours?

Our guess is that the White House garden is yielding plenty of herbs, as well as lettuce, radishes, and some peas. Perhaps some spinach, too. Those are some of the classic early summer and spring crops. Unless you live quite far South and are already looking at blushing tomatoes, those are probably the things ready for harvest in your garden.

We got a late start, so herbs are the main thing we’re using from the garden. The lovage and summer savory have skyrocketed!

We’re curious what will actually be harvested today at the White House. Any guesses? The kids get to eat it, too; they will cook a meal with their harvest bounty in the kitchen with White House chefs. Sounds like fun!

• Original story: White House vegetable garden at Baltimore Sun