Kitchen Gallery: Inspiringly Clean Kitchens

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

2009_05_01-Clean.jpgThis weekend we are encouraging you to clean, restock, and do one beautiful thing for your kitchen. Small or big — it doesn’t matter! Sometimes we get most inspired to do those little things by seeing other beautiful kitchens. Here are a few snapshots of very clean kitchens to get you going.

Of course kitchens in magazines are always clean! Intimidatingly clean, often — unrealistically, scarily clean! It’s safe to say that our kitchen is never completely spotless. Old cupboards, icky countertop materials, and a constant stream of cooking sees to that. But some of these kitchens below are still very inspiring to us, showcasing neatly stacked open storage, bright sunlight (do your windows need to be cleaned?), and flowers nodding away.

Maybe our kitchens won’t look as sleek as these, but is there just one beautiful thing you can do for your kitchen this weekend? What’s inspiring you right now?



• 6 Long Island kitchen at Country Living
• 7 Opera star Renee Fleming’s little city kitchen at Country Living
• 8 Is your stove clean? at Metropolitan Home
• 9 Small industrial-style kitchen in Atlanta at Country Living
• 10 An open vintage kitchen at Country Living

Do one beautiful thing for your kitchen this weekend, then send us a photo.

(Images: Living Etc; William Steele; Living Etc; Deborah Ory; Living Etc; Keith Scott Morton; Keith Scott Morton; John Granen; Keith Scott Morton; William Steele)