Kitchen Gallery: Red Like a Tomato

Red is a strong color; a little goes a long way. It’s also a popular color in the kitchen. It’s the color of flame, of tomatoes, of ripe fruit. We see red in kitchen tools and tableware all the time — and now we’re going to look at some kitchens that make great use of this powerful color. Some use it sparingly, to liven up a monchromatic color scheme. Others go all out, with whole walls of crimson cabinets!

Come look, and tell us: do you have red in your kitchen?

1-2. East #22: Becky’s Careful Color – This is a subtle use of red; just a couple pops to define the kitchen. (And I think I have that same pot.)

3. Pearl Lam’s Shanghai Loft – Wow – this one is anything but subtle. Dizzy! Would you cook in here?

4. Kyle’s Colorful Boston Perch – Kyle piled on bright red color with her red shelf, colorful textiles, and cushions on her built-in banquette.

5-6. Perry Street Duplex – Here’s another bold red choice; the entire kitchen is glossy and wine-colored.

7. Little French Kitchens – This is a small, inexpensive modular kitchen from France.

8. Celeste’s Mount Pleasant Loft – Red can easily be added to a kitchen with just a little can of paint. Paint around your white or wood cabinets and you have a strong statement — even in a rental kitchen.

9. Artsy Family’s Color is for Happiness – A favorite from the 2007 Fall Colors contest. Baby blue and dark red! This shows how well red can work in a more traditional context.

10. Stephanie & Bob’s Primary Colors – And if you paint, you don’t even need to do a whole wall. Look at this red stripe!

11. Red, White and Light Blue – Another red and blue combo, with red floors!

12. Emma’s Affordable Mid Century Gem – Red countertops instead of floor, this time. We like the green and red; a good vintage look.

13. Anna’s Old-and-New Newburgh Victorian – This bold black and white kitchen gets really defined by the spots of red.

14. Danielle & Erik’s Canal-Front Flat – Love the cupboards and floor in this vibrant Dutch flat.

15. Daniel and Jason’s Red, Grey, and Green Kitchen – A more orangey red, with shades of grey and green.

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(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)
(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

(Top image: Joyce Dopkeen for The New York Times)