Kitchen Gadgets for the Visually Impaired Cook

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We depend on our eyes all the time in the kitchen, from reading a recipe to measuring flour to making sure we’re opening a can of tomatoes and not black beans. So how does a person with vision impairment do it? The Cooking Channel profiled a low vision cook who uses a few cool gadgets to help her find her way around the kitchen.

Dionne Quan can see colors, shapes and outlines, but cannot, for instance, read the numbers on the oven knob; she depends on a special knob with raised dots to differentiate the temperatures. Some of her specialized kitchen gadgets include a talking microwave, a talking timer and a liquid level sensor that rests on the lip of the cup and beeps when the cup is full. She also uses a special software that scans text recipes and prints them out in Braille.

Watching this video, we were struck by how much we take for granted when we cook, and all the small ways we depend on our vision to guide us through our cooking. If you are interested in buying any of these gadgets for a blind, elderly or otherwise visually impaired cook in your life, the Yahoo Accessibility blog has rounded up the tools mentioned in the video, with links for purchasing them.

Do you know of any tools that make cooking easier for the visually impaired?

(Image: Flickr member Victor Phung licensed under Creative Commons)