Faucet Glossary: 5 Terms To Learn Before Shopping

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Shopping for kitchen faucets can be confusing to say the least. There are so many types and qualities out there that choosing one can be complex – especially for the indecisive. A few simple terms can help get you started and make you feel more comfortable in asking for help from a salesperson, your designer, or a plumber:

That’s a HiRise Deck Mount Bridge Kitchen Faucet by Kohler in the first image up top.

• “Deck mount” means that the faucet mounts directly to the countertop, not the wall or the sink itself.

• “Bridge” means that the levers and the faucet itself all branch off of one part, which requires only two holes in the countertop instead of three.

Some other terms you might encounter (or search for) when shopping for kitchen faucets:

Single Handle: One handle controls both the temperature and pressure of the water. This is the most common type of control of kitchen faucets in use today. Many single handles branch off of the faucet itself, meaning only one hole in the countertop is required for installation.

Pullout: Pullout kitchen faucets incorporate a sprayer into the faucet itself. A flexible hose allows you to pull the sprayer out of the end of the faucet for use. It retracts back into the faucet when not in use.

Single Hole, Two-Hole, Three-Hole: The number of holes required in the countertop for installation of the faucet. This can be especially crucial if you are replacing a faucet in an existing countertop.

If you’re thinking about buying and installing a new faucet, take a peek at our experience doing this here:

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