Kitchen Envy: Pioneer Woman's Sugar and Flour Drawers

Kitchen Envy: Pioneer Woman's Sugar and Flour Drawers

Emma Christensen
Jul 15, 2010

Oh, what wouldn't we give for a few of these drawers in our kitchen? When she redesigned her kitchen a few years back, Ree Drummond (aka Pioneer Woman) installed a few of these to house her flour, sugar, and other baking pantry essentials. There are just so many things to love about this design!

First of all, the glass fronts on the drawers are genius. Not only can we see what's inside for easy identification, but we can determine at a glance how much flour or sugar is left. Plus, we think it just looks pretty and inviting, like we could just dive in and whip up a batch of chocolate cookies any old time.

Drawers that easily slide open on runners also save us from having to lift heavy, awkward containers into and out of cupboards. Very convenient for baking with children, too, we imagine. And the drawers look like they're located right below her work station, so Ree can always scoop another cup of flour if she needs to.

With a sliding lid over each drawer, Ree says she's never had problems with bugs or other creatures getting into the drawers. She also says that she removes the drawers and wipes them down every now and again before refilling them with flour or sugar.

What do you think about this design?

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(Images: Ree Drummond/Pioneer Woman)

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