The 8 Most Brilliant Drawer Organizers on Amazon

updated May 1, 2019
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No matter how hard you wish for it, your kitchen drawers aren’t going to organize themselves. (Trust me — I only recently took matters into my hands after years of waiting.) These organizers should be able to help you, at least. They’re all super smart and go way beyond the junky plastic ones we all grew up with.

Whether you have a long, narrow drawer filled with jumbled flatware or five super-wide ones with spatulas galore, I’m certain you’ll find your dream organizer on this list. Keep reading and then marvel with me about how we’re all old enough to have “dream organizers” now.

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You might have heard me talk about this drawer organizer before, and I promise you that this will not be the last time I bring it up. Until I found this, my silverware drawer was a mess; it’s super narrow, so nothing fit in it. I couldn’t even use those single plastic organizers (see number 7) because I couldn’t fit three (one for forks, knives, and spoons) in a single drawer. With this narrow holder, the utensils sort of stack on top of each other. And I still have room for serving spoons on the side!

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This might blow your mind: If you store stuff diagonally, you can organize super-long tools along with smaller utensils. This tray helps you do just that and the dividers even come out incase you need to make room for something that’s extra big.

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I thought this was such a clever invention when I first saw it a few years ago — and I still do! It’s a non-slip, silicone mat (which you cut down to perfectly fit the size of your drawer) and 15 reposition-able “Divitz” (that stick to the mat and hold your tools in place). You can even rearrange it as you acquire (or get rid of) tools. And it comes in five fun colors.

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Of course OXO makes a great drawer organizer — the brand excels at basically everything! This is designed mostly for utensils, but it has a little compartment at the top for tools and there’s an expandable tray on the right for more tools. What I love most about this guy is the fact that those little gray clips keep utensils (looking at you, spoons!) neatly stacked — no matter what.

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This one of the bestselling kitchen drawer organizers on Amazon, with almost 2,000 reviews and a 4.7-star rating. The width expands from 12.75 inches (and six compartments) to 19 inches (with eight compartments), so it can be moved from drawer to drawer as your storage needs change.

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Here’s another bestseller by the same brand. While Kitchn editors generally recommend storing knives on magnetic strips, we get that most people reserve that space for chef’s knives, serrated blades, and the like. Where to store steak knives? In this in-drawer organizer. It has slots for 16 knives, which means there’s even space for your paring knife and some extras.

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7. madesmart Clear Drawer Organizers, from $4 at The Container Store

These plastic organizers are great if you have an unusually sized drawer or need to work around other items that are already in there. You can mix and match the various sizes to create something totally custom to your needs. Each container has non-slip feet and a soft lining so that everything stays in place.

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8. Bamboo Drawer Dividers, $30 for four

I actually thought about getting these before I found the DrawerStore, but ultimately decided they weren’t quite right for my long, skinny drawer. For a wider one, though, they’d be absolutely perfect. You can set them up wherever you’d like and, because four is a lot, you could probably organize two drawers with one pack.