Kitchen Design: Cafe Style at Home

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We can’t tell you how many times we’ve lingered over lunch in a quaint cafe only to find ourselves wishing for a similar feeling in our kitchen at home. Here are a few cafe-inspired details that can be incorporated into the design of a residential kitchen:

  • 1: A particularly nice cafe vibe we’d love to accomplish at home. This is from Maxwell’s visit to Siena.
  • 2: Undersink curtains add a touch of fabric that’s reminiscent of cafes and they’re less expensive than millwork. Plus, they can be changed out to switch up your look in a cinch. Get some ideas from Apartment Therapy readers on how to do this yourself right here.
  • 3: A checked or patterned floor adds the kind of texture that conjures that busy cafe feeling. You can lay linoleum flooring or even paint wood floors.
  • 4: Bring cafe chairs right inside to the kitchen table. We love how comfy these particular ones look, yet they’re casually arranged near a utility-minded kitchen.