Kitchen Cure Wrap-Up: Congrats, and Happy Graduation!

Kitchen Cure Wrap-Up: Congrats, and Happy Graduation!

I found this old oven grill and S-hooks at the local salvation shop. Living in Whitehorse, Yukon and living in an rental keeps my improvement options limited. This place beside the oven was always sort of useless before now. Finding the stud in this old house was the hardest part!

Well, Cure-takers, if you're not there yet, you're pretty close. You put four weeks of hard work in and, if all went according to plan, your kitchen is clean, healthy and organized. And that means you're ready to take on spring cooking with your kitchen in tip-top shape.

There were over 2,600 of you on this journey and you all did amazing work. I know not everyone is done, but I encourage you to stay the course. Join the leagues who are finished and cheering you on from their sparkling, organized, cheerful kitchens.

Let's take a look at some success stories...

Some people went far beyond my expectations. Look at the transformation here, in deniseandpete's kitchen. This is the situation before the Cure:

[We] tore out the rest of the plaster wall and replaced with sheetrock, built a recessed cabinet for canned goods where the original bungalow ironing cabinet was, painted door with chalkboard paint and magnetic primer, gave the whole kitchen a fresh new paint color and added more shelves for cookbooks and bulk goods — how could it NOT improve the kitchen?! (deniseandpete)

And here is the result:

They did a great job on the wall and shelves, picked a nice color, did what looks to be a professional job on the painting and even went the extra mile by doing a magnetic chalkboard finish on the door.

We'll be leading another Cure in the fall, but if you just can't wait until then and want to do it again here are all the assignments. Feel free to take it on anytime!

The Spring 2010 Kitchen Cure Assignments

Here's a nice example of how some pretty quick, easy and inexpensive changes can make a big difference. By eliminating the chaos that lived in their cabinets, this Cure-taker has a fresh new outlook on cooking in their kitchen. It's that simple.

There was a really ugly liner in this cupboard, that I just kind of ignored all this time. I finally got rid of it and it looks so much cleaner and brighter. And the containers aren't tilted up against the colander or tipping off the upper shelf anymore, and I can see everything again. (portable cynicism machine)

For great supporting posts like 7 Spring Flowers for the Kitchen, Clearing the Pantry? Make a Free-Form Pasta Casserole, and Use It Or Lose It: The Bread Machine, check out the Spring 2010 Kitchen Cure Page, it's all there.

This time around, I noticed that more Cure-takers than ever took to heart the "Add Something Beautiful" assignment. I can't stress enough how this simple act can transform your kitchen and your cooking.

One of my favorite parts of the Cure was reading about the Special Projects people did.

The peg board sat painted and ready for at least 6 months before we put it up... but we did a mini kitchen remodel. Tore out top cupboards and put up shelves, new hood, and the peg board. (swisstine)

It's not too late to submit your before and after images. Show us a photo of one significantly improved thing from your kitchen.

Congratulations to you all! I bow down to you for all the hard work and bravery!

(Images: deniseandpete, Northerner, Flickr members portable cynicism machine, JEAW, swisstine)

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