Kitchen Cure: What Help Do You Need to Get Cooking?

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Mama Ark says: “It was time to pitch useless items, like these bottle openers. Do I really need 5? Our standby beer in the house is now a twist-off. I kept one for craft beers, but these all went to Goodwill.”

Yesterday we surveyed you Cure-Takers to see how it was going. (Only a few of you have taken the survey; take it here!) It seems like many of you are still working on getting your kitchen in shape and all cleaned up for spring cooking, optimizing and tweaking to make it a better place to work. But others of you said you’d like a little inspiration, and we’re wondering: How can we help?

Some of you are still pitching extra tools and getting equipped; Mama Ark also said that she finally bought a Microplane. Congrats — enjoy it!! She also would love to know what extras you’ve pitched out of your kitchen drawers.

Others of you are working on cleaning and organizing, but discouraged by how quickly the kitchen gets out of shape. Here are some comments:

The biggest problem I’m facing is keeping my kitchen clean. We use it every day – for meals, to make baby foods, treats and more, so it gets grubby quickly. Time to break out the cleaning vinegar again! – phillippa

im having trouble keeping mine organized too, i think half the problem is im doing the home cure at the same time, and the kicthen counters have become a workbench for tools and odds and ends that dont have a home yet. The organizing is going slow, I’ll try different things out for a few days and see how it feels when cooking so its a slow process for me. – adamwa

All of that is completely normal, of course; I had to “re-Cure” my fridge last night of some leftovers from a big test cooking project. The freezer is now stocked, and my fridge is really wiped out and clean, ready for a new batch of groceries. I also readjusted the shelves in my very small pantry to hold the crackers and peanut butter better. It was great to have all of your photos and stories as inspiration!

Now, we want to know how we can help, as we move forward with more cooking inspiration and some meal-planning steps next week. How can we help you make your kitchen a better place to cook?

Remind us here of anything you asked for when you signed up, or new things that you would like to see posts on and we will do our best to oblige!

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(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

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