Kitchen Cure Weekend Report: How Did It Go?

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We are just finishing the second week of the Kitchen Cure. You’ll have a new assignment in just a few hours. So we wanted to check back in to chat about your weekend work and see how things are going. Did you Cure this weekend? Are you all done, waiting and ready for a new assignment? Or are you still organizing a few more things?

I am in the latter camp, but still much more refreshed in the kitchen than I was a week ago, and it seems that others have been inspired and motivated too. Here’s a look at some of your work from last weekend.

• 1 & 2 Mr Yuko These photos are from the Flickr Kitchen Cure pool. Mr Yuko says:

No before picture, but further cleaned out tool drawer. Knives and some Japanese specific tools in other smaller drawers. … Added liner to both drawers and took out a couple of pots and pans.

• 3 & 4 WoodNymph

I FINALLY got around to decluttering my cabinets and drawers! This was a busy week for me so I did most of it this weekend. I was sort of dreading the drawers because other than the silverware drawer, there was no rhyme or reason to where things went. But I buckled down one night with a cardboard “giveaway” box next to me and was shocked at how full the box was and how empty the drawers were at the end! The amount of duplicates i had were crazy – 3 sets of swizzle sticks (i kept one, even though we don’t really use them except at an occasional party), 3 full sets (about 30 total) of wine charms (bye bye to all of them!), and LOTS of various wine openers (including 5 of the cheapie $1 kind from liquor stores). umm…most of the corkscrews i’m keeping 9i have my reasons). and as a bonus i found these really kitschy Playboy coasters that i haven’t seen in years!

anyway, it was such a successful mission, that i tackled the cabinets with newfound enthusiasm and allowed myself the freeing feeling of tossing the random formal crystal pieces that have been taking up valuable space since our wedding 5 years ago! I have a whole box of stuff to pass on to some other sucker!

Check out WoodNymph’s photos above! She says: How many swizzle sticks does a person need? Congrats on getting them all cleared out, WoodNymph!

• 5 Cathy in South Carolina: Cathy is still working on her kitchen organization, but she’s been very inspired by the Kitchen Cure. She says:

After cleaning out my fridge and pantry last week, I decided to do more spring cleaning around the house. I also felt more compelled to cook. I made all sorts of goodies and I just finished making a batches of banana bread, bagels, rosemary bread, and pizza dough for later this week.

I can’t wait to sift through the hardware…it’s a mess. It’s hard for me to keep everything straight, though, because my husband and I have an arrangement regarding dishes: I load the dishwasher and he puts everything away. I guess I just have to tell him about the new arrangements and stress that it stay that way.

Another note: I save glass jars for my mother-in-law. She paints all sorts of stuff and recycles glass jars and sells them for various purposes. I don’t really have a better place to put them, so they’re lumped in with my equipment.

Here are a couple more good quotes we’ve noticed in the threads:

I’ve been too timid to actually sign up for the kitchen cure but the inspiration has been so powerful – I have noticed it taking over and I’ve doing the cure anyway! I just cleared out my cupboards and made a home for my new set of good quality pots and pans (rather than the old hand-me downs I have had forever).

Everything is so pretty and organized now…

Thank you AT, its readers and posters!!!!
You all inspire me 🙂 – VeryDelishVeg

Thanks for helping me give myself the little “push” I needed to do this; I think it will make me feel lots better about my kitchen. Bought a couple of potted herbs yesterday and it feels more “homey” already. – MrsSparkles

Good job and congrats to all of you who made forward progress in your kitchen! Even if you’re not officially following the Cure, or just doing it lightly, we applaud any little bit you do in your kitchen to make it easier to work in and more fun to cook in.

How did your weekend Curing go? Did you work on any storage or organization clean-up? If so, send us photos!
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