Kitchen Cure Tip: Save Your Jars!

Kitchen Cure Tip: Save Your Jars!

Faith Durand
Apr 14, 2009

If you're following along with the Kitchen Spring Cure (there are nearly 500 of you now!) then you're working on this week's assignment: cleaning out old food in the fridge and cupboards.

This is one of the simplest parts of the Cure: look for old, expired, unused, unhealthy foods that you just aren't eating. If they are cluttering your cupboard or your fridge, get rid of them! If they aren't expired, donate them to a food bank. (Food bank contributions are down this year; they'll definitely appreciate it.)

Old food in the fridge and expired packaged foods should be thrown out or composted. But wait! Don't throw out that jar!

Spaghetti and pizza sauce jars, old applesauce jars, jam jars, little jars for capers, big jars for pickles, even tiny jars for spices or dried herbs — all of these can be saved, washed, and reused.

You can use these old jars for storing grains and spices, vegetables, fruit, or even tea and iced coffee. Just make sure you wash them well and let them dry thoroughly before reusing.

But what if you have too many jars already? Well, recycle them, then, and come around again next week to the Cure as we talk about decluttering and getting rid of extra stuff.

What's your favorite re-use for jars?

(Image: Flickr member qwrrty licensed for use under Creative Commons)

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