Kitchen Cure Tip: Remember That Shelves Can Be Moved

2009_04_28-Shelves.jpgAs we urge you to finish cleaning your kitchen this week and restock your pantry with any needed supplies, you may be struggling with a tiny space that just doesn’t seem to work for you. Maybe your cupboard shelves are too close together for your tall bottles of vinegar, or maybe the only place for your spices is too high up for you to see very well. So here is a little tip — one that we so often forget: Move your shelves around!

Like I said, this is a very small tip. But sometimes I just take my shelves and cupboards for granted and forget that really, they are rather customizable. Here are a couple examples of moving shelves around in my own kitchen.

2009_04_28-Shelves02.jpgThis cupboard (which still needs some cleaning) didn’t look like this when I moved in. The shelves were much closer together, evenly spaced down the whole height of the cabinet. I moved one up to make room for the baking sprays, vinegars, and other shelf-stable oils. I use these constantly while cooking, so having them at eye level is helpful.

I moved bulk spices up to the second shelf, where they aren’t as easy to see, but still near to hand. These aren’t spices I use every day; they are just the bulk bags I use to refill my spice jars in the drawer. I did use Elizabeth’s tip, too, to put all those bags in an old pan to make them easier to grab out from below.

Here is one more example.

I showed you my little hallway pantry with all these vintage glass storage jars full of grains and rice. This is one of my favorite parts of the kitchen; that storage has been working beautifully for me. I want to put more of my bulk pantry staples like raisins, nuts, and coconut into jars like these, but there is no room below that shelf for another one. (Usually our television sits there. It’s on a rolling cart and put away most of the time.) I realized I might be able to fit two shelves in this space, with just enough room for the height of the jars.

Well, my husband did some complicated figures just to make sure (he is an engineer!) …

2009_04_28-Calcu.jpg…and here is how it turned out:

2009_04_28-Shelves.jpgThis is my pantry project for the this week of the Cure: get this scary mess…

2009_04_28-Staples.jpg…transferred onto these shelves. I can hardly wait, and I’ll have a whole other cupboard shelf free.

Are you finding any shelves you’d like to rearrange in your kitchen cupboards?

(Images: Faith Durand)