Kitchen Cure Tip: Label and Date Everything In the Freezer

(Image credit: Kathryn Hill)

This Kitchen Cure tip is more in way of a reminder to those of us who stick things in the freezer and say confidently to ourselves, “Oh, no need to label this — I’ll remember what it is!”

No, no you won’t. Label everything.

Reader and Cure-taker woodnymph bravely shared her pre-Cure fridge and freezer, and we’ve been discussing tips for helping it get organized. (By the way, THANK YOU and a big bravo to everyone who is sharing the true, naked state of their kitchen now, before the cleaning gets underway. There are so many things about my kitchen I wouldn’t want anyone to see, but you guys are putting it out there and helping us all learn from each other.)

This reminded me of my own utter failure to keep track of things in my freezer. It’s like the black hole where things go to die. Currently I have old wedding cake layers (from my brother’s wedding cake), bags of Chinese dumplings, random bread starters, a few ice cube trays, and miscellaneous mysterious bags and plastic jars. What’s in them? Soup? Leftovers? I know there’s braising liquid in one…

Contrary to what I want to believe, the freezer is not an entropy-proof holding zone, where anything can be kept indefinitely. Things have limits. And yet once I put something in there, I forget about.

Which brings me back to the point: label and date everything that goes into your freezer, even if you think you won’t remember. Then you can at least see that you put that bag of shredded chicken in two and a half years
ago, or that the soup is from last Thanksgiving.

I use a Sharpie to write on masking tape or directly on freezer bags. How do you label your freezer containers?

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(Image: Kathryn Hill)