Kitchen Cure Survey: Do You Need Any New Gear?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

OK everyone, this is it! The big push to get your kitchen clean, organized, and well-equipped before we turn and start in on the cooking part of the Kitchen Cure next week. We’re going to give you lots more cleaning resources and inspiration during the rest of the week, but first: as you cleaned and organized your cupboards, is there anything you discovered you’re missing?

Maybe you threw out a couple battered and useless pots and now you need just one good heavy stockpot. Or maybe you don’t have any good knives worth speaking of. Or you realized you don’t have a mixing bowl big enough for a batch of bread?

Usually we talk about paring down and decluttering. But sometimes we find that we have gaps in our equipment that genuinely trip us up. It’s good to wait and see how often we find ourselves missing something, and if it occurs frequently, then it’s time to get it!

For me personally that thing was a big stockpot. I didn’t have a pot over 6 quarts, and boiling more than one pound of pasta or cooking corn on the cob were problematic. I kept finding myself with overflowing pots while cooking for a crowd or making meals for the week. So on my last trip to IKEA I bought a heavy 11-quart pot that will do just fine for now.

IKEA 365+ Stock pot with lid, $35 at IKEA USA

Don’t get hung up on it if you can’t afford your dream set of All-Clad or Japanese knives. If you’re missing an essential, go hunt at or TJ Maxx, find a bargain, bring it home, and start cooking!

What are you missing? Tell us here and maybe your fellow readers can help point you towards a good deal.

(Image: IKEA USA)