Kitchen Cure Confession: Reverse Cure for the Fridge

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

So, how did your weekend Cure activities go? Is your fridge gleaming? Are your cupboards decluttered and neat? I wish mine were! I have been meaning to show you my own fridge, in the spirit of honesty and fairness, and here it is. But I’m afraid there isn’t anything inspiring about it — I’ve got a reverse Cure going on! Here’s why.

I try to keep my fridge fairly clean; I wipe up spills quickly and I don’t like sticky shelves. But it does get pretty cluttered in there. I wish I could have cleaned it out completely; I love a fridge with empty space in it! Neat rows, clear sightlines to the back of the fridge — so nice! But alas, that is not to be right now (probably not at all, for a while). I am in the middle of developing a cookbook, and this week I’m testing two whole chapters’ worth of recipes.

So on Sunday it was Reverse Cure for me: I neatened up the fridge a bit and cleaned out old leftovers, but then I crammed in seven dozen eggs, a couple gallons of milk, pounds of cheese, and vegetables, fruit, and other miscellaneous groceries.

The good thing about this sort of wholesale cooking and grocery shopping, though, is that it does force you to stay very organized. I have zones in my fridge: butter and cheese go here; all jars go on the door; there’s an entire drawer devoted to citrus.

Do you have zones in your fridge? When you pack it full, do you have an organizational strategy?

Great job, too, everyone on all your hard work in the Cure. Hopefully you’re ready for assignment #2; look for it around lunchtime today!

And PS: All those tested recipes? The cooked food is getting dispersed to various college student friends and siblings who live close by. THEIR fridges tend to be quite empty, and it’s fun to help fill them up!

(Image: Faith Durand)