Kitchen Cure Check-In: Decluttered Cabinets and Storage

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• Week 2 Assignment: Declutter, Give Away, and Organize Kitchen Equipment
• Cure Clock: 4 weeks (plus a weekend) remaining
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How is Week 2 of the Kitchen Cure? Are your cupboards and kitchen gear freshly decluttered and organized yet? Or are you saving this part for the weekend?

Here’s a little inspiration for your Kitchen Cure efforts: a check-in with your fellow Cure-takers, a great storage idea for cookbooks, a look at my formerly embarrassing tool drawer, and more results of my own Kitchen Curing. Don’t forget to check back in tomorrow, too, for another Kitchen Cure download goodie!

Here’s my own progress. You can also see how I reorganized my pots, pans, pot lids, and plastic food storage boxes here. Where’s your photos? Show us what you’re reorganizing in the kitchen. Even if you just neaten up and restack your kitchen equipment, it can feel so good.

• 1, 2, 3 – My own freshly decluttered tool drawer. My drawer is too shallow for a knife tray to fit in front to back, so I had to place it sidewise. Three bamboo trays from The Container Store round out the organizational setup. These are low enough to stack, if I ever want to add another layer. I got rid of some duplicate tools, too, and moved serving utensils like pie servers to the flatware drawer where there is plenty of room for them.
• 4 – Divided tool jar into two. I don’t have a BEFORE photo of this, but the tool crock was jammed so full of spatulas and spoons it was almost impossible to pull one out. I purged duplicates and plastic gear that I never use, and divided the tools between two glass jars (I had these jars on hand already).
• 5 – Second tool jar and whisk cup. The first jar holds metal spatulas and tongs. This jar holds plastic spatulas and wooden spoons. The small cup holds my little whisks. (I have a whisk addiction!) I also put the olive oil on a small plate.

• 6 – Seasoning tray. I took a ceramic tray that I already had and arranged all the little seasonings that sit out on the counter on it. This neatens things visually and will hopefully catch stray pepper and soy sauce drips. (That adorable soy sauce pot was a wedding gift from Dana. It’s from Rare Device.)
• 7 – Stand mixer attachments.I took Elizabeth’s advice and took these attachments out of the cupboard and tucked them directly into my KitchenAid instead.
• 8 – Veronica’s cookbook storage. Veronica lives in Chicago, and she says:

Our pantry is completely over-stuffed — I freed up over a foot of shelf space by moving our cookbooks into the kitchen. The microwave used to sit on two wooden crates turned upside down — I moved one crate to the top of the stack and turned it on its side. Luckily all of our cookbooks fit perfectly inside. Now it’s way easier to see the books, and I think it’s pretty darn cute too.

• 9 – yivich is catching up… yivich is just checking into the Kitchen Cure – welcome! Like many of you, she is just getting started, so she is doing last week’s assignment. She says:

I’m getting a late start so I’m still working on Week 1’s assignment, here are the pictures of my fridge, freezer, and pantry. Unfortunately finding good prices at the store yesterday has led to all 3 being MORE full now, not less . . .

• 10 – jkdmb03’s BEFORE pots and pans. This is from the Flickr Kitchen Cure pool. jkdmb03 writes:

These lids drive me insane. I swear there is one big one that does not fit a single pot or pan in our possession

What about you? Are you decluttering equipment and tools, and restacking your baking pans? Are you still doing some work from Week 1? If so, that is absolutely fine, but try to tackle at least one organizational issue in your kitchen this weekend. And send us photos! Don’t forget to take a look at all the knife organization photos your fellow readers sent us:

Check back in tomorrow for a download goodie. You can find last week’s here:

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