8 of Our Favorite Tools for Keeping Countertops Spotless

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I spend more time cleaning my kitchen than any other space in my apartment. The reasons are obvious and plentiful: splatter from sautéing marinated chicken thighs, spillage from working on my cutting board, and drips from just about everything. Yet for as much wiping and disinfecting as I do nowadays, I used to do a lot more — that is, before I found some tools that help prevent my countertops from getting too dirty in the first place.

Let this collection of cooking and cleaning goodies be your secret time-saving weapon against the endless routine of wiping up messes in the kitchen. Many of them work in subtle ways, but they all do a good job of making sure you have fewer drips and drops to worry about at the end of the day. A lot of them are budget-friendly, too, so don’t think you have to shell out a lot of money just to keep your kitchen spotless.

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The space around the base of your kitchen faucet always seems to get covered in water, soap, and food residue. But with this silicone splash guard, you can prevent that unwanted buildup and drastically cut down the amount of time you spend cleaning that area. This mat fits around most faucets and has built-in drainage spouts to let water run back into the sink. And if it gets a little dirty, you can pop it in the dishwasher or give it a quick rinse to look good as new.

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A sturdy pot lid holder such as this one from OXO is so helpful in reducing the amount of drips and drops that end up on your countertops. This stainless-steel model is easy to rinse off when it gets dirty and has a spoon rest basin that also helps keep food and sauces from creating messes. It's compact enough to fit in any kitchen, too, even if you barely have any counter space to begin with.

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Dish racks are a nuisance in terms of producing wet spots and random residue that makes your counters look less than sparkling. This silicone mat stops those annoying messes by collecting water from drying dishes and letting it evaporate to leave no trace behind. Because this mat is so thin and flexible, you can conveniently tuck it away somewhere when it's not in use.

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Williams Sonoma

Anytime you use your frying pan, you risk creating messes on your stovetop. This silicone splatter screen cuts those messes down to a minimum and folds in half so it takes up almost no room when not in use. And unlike traditional metal splatter screens, this one is dishwasher-safe (so you have one less thing to wash by hand) and doubles as a serving trivet. It's seriously one of the hardest-working preventative kitchen tools we've found.

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Le Creuset
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A simple spoon rest is your strongest ally in the daily chore of keeping your kitchen clean. This ceramic one from Le Creuset has a beautiful flower design and comes in several stunning colors, so you'll be happy to leave it in plain sight. It's natural to keep one by your stove, but if you have the budget to grab a second spoon rest, you'll find it comes in handy near your sink, where cooking utensils often occupy space hanging over the edge.

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Towels are certainly the go-to kitchen cleanup tool, and this plush set from Weezie is a smart choice because both towels are super absorbent and can be used as covers to set on your countertops if you're making a particularly messy recipe. You can also use these as drying mats when you have dishes that need to air dry and don't want them making your counters wet.

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Some amount of mess is inevitable in the kitchen, so having cleaning supplies you enjoy is important. This trio of hand soap, dish soap, and surface cleaner comes in four refreshingly natural (and not overpowering) scents and is made with vegan ingredients that are gentle on your hands — using them basically feels like using nice skincare products. The surface spray eliminates germs and leaves your countertops looking and smelling fabulous.

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This ingenious invention lets you keep your paper towels and surface cleaning spray in one spot without taking up excess counter space. The spray bottle that hides in the middle of the paper towel holder is refillable, so when you do have to wipe down your countertops you can do it with your favorite cleaning product.