Kitchen Confessions: Do You Like To Eat The Burnt Bits?

Kitchen Confessions: Do You Like To Eat The Burnt Bits?

Joanna Miller
Aug 5, 2009

We made a berry buckle the other day for a little dinner party, and the edges ended up a little overdone. We sliced out pieces from the middle for our guests, but we didn't just do this to be a good host. We found ourselves sneaking into the kitchen a couple of times for a bite of the crunchy burnt bits.

Is it just us?

Or do you sometimes enjoy picking at the little burnt bits in the pan too?

We started doing this at a very early age. When our family would eat a casserole or any kind of baked dish, the meal would usually end with a few of us sitting around and picking at the burnt and crispy bits of extra breading or crust at the bottom of the dish. Of course, it's really just at at-home or with-family sort of thing. We don't go around picking at dishes in public or when we're a guest, but we can't honestly say we've never wanted to.

If there's a piece of toast that's a little burnt, we always volunteer to eat it. And in our Pop-Tart eating days, we had to have ours with a well browned crust.

Of course, it's not unusual to like things that are browned, crispy and caramelized – who doesn't like those things? But we're talking about things that venture a bit further into the burned category. Not completely charred and inedible, but definitely overdone.

Do you share this secret little habit? Tell us about it in the comments.

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(Image: Flickr user Velo Steve, licensed under Creative Commons)

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