Kitchen Confessional: What’s Your Cooking Obsession?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

You make a recipe, but it doesn’t turn out quite the way you’d pictured it in your head. So you make it again. And then again. And again, each time tweaking it just a little bit or playing with the flavors just one more time. Before you know it, you’re fully obsessed with this one single recipe. Sound familiar?

We went through a phase a while back where we were making sourdough bread every week. We read about sourdough, talked about sourdough, tended our starter like it was a newborn, and obsessively made that bread until we had that recipe memorized and perfected. Luckily, people don’t generally refuse a gift of homemade bread or else our freezer would have been stuffed full with all the loaves of bread we made!

Another friend of ours recently confessed an obsession with rice pudding. We know of someone else’s roommate who went through a period of making endless batches of macarons. The cupcake craze, making bento, and even the newer trend toward canning could be seen as obsessions – ideas that grabbed us and wouldn’t let go! Sometimes getting obsessed is the only way to perfect a difficult technique and get the kind of results we want in our home kitchens.

So tell us – what recipe or technique or taste are you obsessed with making?

(Image: Flickr member ginnerobot licensed under Creative Commons)