Kitchen Color Inspiration: Hitachino BeerFrom AT:SF

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We saw this post from Lily at AT:San Francisco a couple of days ago, and we loved it for two reasons. One, Hitachino Nest is a really good beer that we just discovered…

We drank this beer for the first time last weekend, and it was delicious. Since we kept forgetting the name, we just reordered “that yummy, fruity, Japanese beer” again and again. For the record, it’s a Belgian-style white ale.

The second reason we loved the post was because Lily zeroed in on the look and colors of the label as inspiration for designing a kitchen. And we, too, commented to several friends on the coolness of the label while drinking Hitachino Nest.

So, lessons learned: This is a good beer you may want to try. And you should take a look at the kitchen shots Lily rounded up, influenced by the cute blue and red label.

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(Image: Lily)