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My Stainless Steel Is Absolutely Sparkling and It’s All Thanks to These Magical Cloths I Just Discovered

published Feb 9, 2023
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When it comes to cleaning stainless steel appliances, I feel like I’ve tried it all. While I definitely don’t get to polishing them every day, gleaming appliances are, to me, the equivalent of a well-dressed kitchen. And with a large household (read: lots and lots of fingers making prints), it’s important to me that the methods I use be efficient and effective. 

I’ve tried more natural methods for cleaning stainless steel, which made me feel at ease with all the kids and animals in the house. These included using a dish soap and water solution to clean the fridge and then polishing it with a mist of olive or coconut oil and a paper towel. It worked, but it was labor-intensive and if I didn’t do a light-enough spray of oil and a thorough-enough polishing afterwards, I ran the real risk of leaving a film on the stainless steel surface that in turn attracted both dust and smudges. 

Then I saw my friend’s absolutely sparkling stainless steel fridge and asked her how she got it that way. Well, it was a decidedly not natural method, but boy did it deliver. It was Weiman’s Stainless Steel Cleaner. In my experience, it not only cleaned stainless steel surfaces to perfection, but it also helped keep them that way. 

Fast forward several years to a few months ago when I finally decided to check out E-cloths, which I’d heard about but felt skeptical of. I fell in love with their general purpose cloth immediately. It’s the best microfiber cloth I’ve ever used in my life. It picks up dirt that other cloths leave behind and renders surfaces so completely smooth to the touch. 

The kit I got also had a stainless steel cleaning cloth, which is a bit of a flatter microfiber striped with a scrubbier but still soft material. There’s also a side without scrubby stripes (yes, that is a technical term) for use on stainless steel that doesn’t have any grain to it, like a toaster, for instance. 

To use the stainless steel cloth, you simply wet it, wring it so it’s just damp, and then wipe down your stainless steel surface. You follow this up with a dry polishing cloth, which is very thin, and watch your fridge or dishwasher or any other stainless steel surface come alive with the brightest gleam you’ve ever set your eyes on as you buff. 

Honestly, the experience of watching such a stunning transformation right before my eyes with just water and a (magical) rag is motivation in and of itself to clean my appliances more often. Not only does the stainless steel cloth set work so well, but it also cuts down on the hassle of using sprays (even if they’re DIY), the expense of buying specialty products, and the space of having to store them. 

I rave about these cloths to anyone who will listen to me and when I did a live demo for my brother-in-law when the family was over for Thanksgiving? He was on Amazon before I even finished cleaning the fridge. They’re that good. 

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