Kitchen Cleaning Products: What Are Your Favorites?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Part of this week’s Kitchen Cure assignment is to clean out your fridge and pantry. We’ve given you some tips on cleaning out the food itself, but now, what about those cupboards? And those sticky fridge doors? Are you cleaning as you go, and if so, what are your favorite cleaning products? Read on for a few favorites, plus some great tips on non-toxic cleaners, and getting your appliances really shiny.

My own personal favorites:

• REALLY hot water – There is no substitute for this.
• Plain, generic dish soap – It cuts through grease immediately.
• White vinegar – Great for floors, kitchen towels (in the washer) and the rinse cycle in the dishwasher.
Pop-up sponges from Trader Joe’s
• Recycled paper towels for the really gritty stuff and for floors (I compost my paper towels, after they’re dirty).
• A “natural” toxin-free surface spray for quick clean-ups.

Here are a couple more good article from Martha Stewart on clean-up tools and products:

Healthy Cleaning Products – Tips for non-toxic cleaning products.
Good Thing: Cleaning Bucket – Put together an all-in-one cleaning bucket with all your supplies in one place.
Cleaning Appliances – A great list of tips here for cleaning all the appliances in your kitchen.

What about you? What are the products you’re reaching for as you clean up your kitchen pantry?

(Images: Martha Stewart)