Kitchen Challenge: Tiramisu Tips and Help?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We recently talked about our challenging recipes – the kitchen nemesis that we can’t get right no matter what. Here’s one more: tiramisu.

Tiramisu by its very nature is tricky. It’s a balancing of several ingredients and components so no one thing comes out on top. It’s a delicate dance of textures too – the ladyfingers should be just wet enough but not too soggy for optimal enjoyment.

We have some tiramisu-lovers in our circle, so we’re working on perfecting this recipe. But we’re rather intimidated by it. Here are some links to recipes we’d like to try:

20 Best Tiramisu Recipes at AllRecipes
Tiramisu – My Ultimate Recipe at Best of Italy

But we wanted to open it up to the crowd, too. Do you ever make tiramisu, and do you have any tried and true recipes for cooking this at home?

PS – If anyone has a real stumper of a kitchen nemesis, email us! We’ll post it and let everyone offer their advice.

(Images: Flickr user SiFu Renka licensed for use under Creative Commons)