4 Up-and-Coming Kitchen Cabinet Trends These Experts Are Super Excited About

published Aug 5, 2019
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Credit: Emma Fiala

Cabinetry takes up a lot of real estate in your kitchen. Cabinets have the power to make the space look stylish and modern, but can sour the room’s style if they’re outdated or worn.

Feel like your cabinets could use a refresh? I spoke to home builders, remodelers, and designers to get the lowdown on what current trends are worth investing in today. Here, their favorite trends to reinvigorate your kitchen.

1. Sustainable materials

The eco-friendly movement has entered kitchens, says Melody Weir, president and creative director of Melody Weir, Inc., a New York-based design agency. She’s seen an uptick in interest for cabinets made with upcycled and sustainable materials.

“The leader, believe it or not, is IKEA,” says Weir. “They are using eco bamboos and other repurposed materials.” 

Weir says that in the next few years, the options for sustainable materials will be virtually limitless.

2. The return of color

While monochromatic and all-white kitchens have recently reigned supreme, that tide is about to turn, says Avi Gordon, owner of Toro Kitchen Cabinets. Look out for more dramatic pops of color in the future.

“While the white kitchen will always be a classic, the white ‘shaker’-style door is starting to become fairly passé,” says Gordon. “It’s become the beige living room of the ‘90s.”

Instead, Gordon recommends clients choose a “pop of color,” whether that’s turquoise, avocado, or lemon, three shades he says will stand out against darker backsplashes and really break the mold.

Credit: Courtesy Mahogany Builders

Jerith Bailey of Chicago-based remodeling firm Mahogany Builders agrees with Gordon, noting she recently created this blue and white kitchen design for a client.

“He didn’t have a huge budget, so we kept his old dark brown cabinets and painted the island and refrigerator built-in this strong blue to draw the eye,” says Bailey.

3. Minimalist handles

When it comes to the hardware on your cabinets, less is more.

“Handles are frequently hidden or unobtrusive and allow the natural wood or finish on the cabinets to take center stage,” says Craig Ricks Jr., president of Acadian Windows and Siding in New Orleans. 

Weir agrees that the no-handle look is on the rise.

“A big trend is cut-out handles in cabinets,” Ricks says. “Also, touch release. We are seeing more organic and no hardware. Custom-forged handles are also a big trend, and brass is the metal of choice.”

4. Glass doors

Glass doors, which enjoyed a heyday in the ‘90s, are coming back in style. According to Bailey, it’s all part of the trend toward simplicity and organization. As people Marie Kondo their belongings down to only the essentials, they’re more likely to showcase intentional collections.

“My clients are more willing to do glass-front upper cabinets than ever before, ” says Bailey. “They have less stuff, which makes it easier to keep clean.”

Which of these are you most excited about?

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