Kitchen Bloopers: Wax Paper is Not Parchment

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

This picture will make sense in a minute. Do you have a kitchen blooper hidden away in your past? You’d think the people we love and cook for every day would forgive our rookie mistakes…but no! They like to remind us and taunt us with the story whenever possible, don’t they? Here’s our ultimate blooper – care to share yours?!

This was years ago when I had just started baking. I got it in my head that I was going to make homemade bagels for a brunch and was all set to impress everyone with my new skills. I found a recipe (this very same one, in fact), and got to work.

Everything went smoothly and I was already anticipating brunch victory when I hit a snag. The recipe said to bake the bagels on parchment paper, but I realized that I only had wax paper in my cupboard. I reasoned that wax paper is just parchment covered with a waxy coating so I should be fine, right?


I went ahead and used the wax paper, and the bagels came out of the oven looking golden and perfect. That is, until I tried to pry them off the wax paper now glued to the bottom of the bagels!

At this point, our guests had already arrived and everyone was crowded in the kitchen. We had a good laugh at my expense (“Uh, doesn’t wax kind of…melt when it’s heated too much?”), and then everyone chipped in to cut the bottoms off the bagels. The bottom-less bagels were still delicious and brunch was enjoyed, but I’ll never live that down. To this day, my friends will still check that I’m using parchment paper when I start baking something in front of them.

Which is why I’ve switched to a silpat.

Do you have a kitchen blooper of your own to share?