Kitchen Ambition: Learn How To Cook Dosa

Kitchen Ambition: Learn How To Cook Dosa

Faith Durand
Mar 4, 2010

I have a serious love for dosa, especially those lacy, crispy rava dosa filled with spicy potatoes and tiny, crunchy mustard seeds. But I have yet to master making dosa — they never turn out even approximately okay! And here in the Midwest, dosa shops are nearly nonexistent. What to do? Do you have dosa-making tips to offer?

Do you eat dosa on a regular basis? Perhaps you've never tried one! They are predominantly from Southern Indian cuisine, and they are massive, griddle-cooked crepe-like pancakes, usually made from a batter of ground rice and water. The batter ferments overnight and becomes slightly sour and tangy. They are cooked on a hot tava or griddle until crispy and chewy. They are feather-light, thin to the point of transparency, and utterly delicious. Sometimes they are served rolled up with fillings of spicy potatoes, lentils, or even meat.

They are one of these classic simple recipes that are all in the how — not the what. The recipe is simple and minimalist, so it's all in knowing how to ferment the batter and how to spread it on the griddle.

After some pretty disastrous attempts in making dosa a few years ago, I had mostly given up. But the photo above, from Ruth Reichl's session with Julie Sahni, reminded me that I really should give this another try.

Get the recipe: Dosa at Gourmet's Adventures With Ruth

Do you have any good tips, techniques, or recipes for making dosa?

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(Image: Marcus Nilsson/Gourmet's Adventures With Ruth)

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