Kitch + Table Gluten-Free Baking Mixes

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Item: Kitch + Table Gluten-Free Baking Mixes
Price: Between $6-$7
Overall Impression: The packaging for these gluten-free brownie and pizza dough mixes reads “so crazy good that you may not believe it’s actually gluten-free.” I couldn’t have said it better myself!

I have worked various jobs in countless restaurants over the past 13 years, and in all my time in the industry I have seen plenty of diet fads come and go. So while I am sympathetic to those with food allergies and restrictions, I am also quite weary of the commercial exploitation that inevitably seems to follow. (Atkins, anyone?)

These days it is all about gluten-free, and it’s a trend that doesn’t show any sign of stopping. Foods and beverages that have never contained gluten are now being labeled and marketed as such, while other industry giants are scrambling to release new “GF” products at a lightning-fast pace. Unfortunately, most of these modified formulas and mixes have the same appeal as soggy cardboard. (And taste worse!)

That said, I am pretty hesitant to try any products based off America’s latest diet trends. Don’t get me wrong, I understand that we each have our own set of nutritional preferences, it’s just that I am weary of “big” brands that exploit these individual needs. So when I had an opportunity to sample a new line of gluten-free mixes from Kitch + Table, I will admit I was skeptical. But since I have a few food-loving “GF” friends in need, I put my opinions aside and took one for the team.

Let me emphasize that Kitch + Table is not one of those “big” brands I loathe, but a small-batch food company out of California. The owner, Jess Kahn, painstakingly developed the brownie and pizza mixes herself. (Seriously, anyone looking for the right way to make gluten-free products should look to this line for inspiration.) It’s safe to say that these brownies have made a “GF” believer out of me.

I have pretty high standards for what makes a good brownie (all-purpose flour comes to mind), and still, the Kitch + Table mix met all my requirements. The first being the “batter test”, because if you’re anything like me, half the fun of baking is licking the bowl clean. The real hurdle, though, was the “football test.” How would the brownies fare upon being served to a group of hungry male tailgaters?

After watching the entire pan get devoured in mere minutes, I’d say we can declare these a winner. The GF brownies were rich, fudgy, and tasted just like homemade—nobody even suspected a thing. In fact, my fiancé declared them some of the best he’s had. (I’m going to pretend not to be offended.)

Besides the spot-on flavors and texture, another thing that stands out about Kitch + Table is the packaging. I am a sucker for good product design, and these mixes are as cute as they come. The bags are easy to open, the instructions simple to follow, and the recipes quick to execute. (A baking mix triple threat!)

With Christmas just around the corner, do yourself a favor and snatch up a few bags for all your gluten-free friends, and while you’re at it, get some for yourself, too. Because nothing says I love you like good food, even if it’s from the box!

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