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This Brilliant Parchment Paper Solves the Most Annoying Things About Other Parchment Papers

published Feb 19, 2021
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Credit: Joe Lingeman

Rolls of parchment paper are my nemesis. No matter how hard I try, I can never properly tear off a piece that actually fits a baking sheet. It’s either too long or too short; has a jagged, slanting edge that cuts off a bit of usable space; and it doesn’t lay flat on my baking sheet, which isn’t really my fault, but a result of the paper being rolled and stuffed into a box.

Agree with me? I’m here to help. Because I’m going to introduce you to something so convenient, you’ll say, “How and why did I not know about this before?” Behold: King Arthur Baking Company Parchment Paper Half-Sheets.

These pieces of parchment are precut and perfectly sized to fit into half sheet pans (like these!), so there’s no guessing how much to rip off a roll. And because they’re stored flat, in a zipper-lock bag, they also sit totally flat on your baking sheet.

They’re also super high-quality. They don’t easily wrinkle and grease doesn’t go right through them and onto the baking sheet (unlike some, ahem, super-cheap parchment paper I’ve gotten at the grocery store), so you can reuse each sheet for batch after batch of cookies. And I’ve never had the overhang of excess paper singe or char in the oven … because there is no overhang! (But even if you use a sheet to line a loaf pan, that overhang will not burn.)

These sheets are useful outside of baking, too. For super-easy cleanup, I’ll place a sheet of parchment paper onto the countertop and roll pie crust out and shape loaves of bread on it.

You can get them in packs of 100 for about $23 or a stack of 50 for about $17. But in case I haven’t convinced you yet, here’s what one customer had to say: “I used to say the electric light[bulb] was the best invention ever but I was wrong. The best invention is this package of half sheet parchment paper.”

High praise? Yes. Well-deserved? Absolutely.

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