This 2-Year-Old Boy Is Obsessed with the Instant Pot So His Parents Got Him the Sweetest Birthday Cake

updated Sep 24, 2019
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Credit: Courtesy of Kristyn Miller‎

Most two-year-old kids like playing with blocks and race cars, but this little boy Jaxon has a new go-to toy to play with — the Instant Pot. Talk about encouraging help in the kitchen at a young age! (My bet is that Jaxon will become the next Top Chef when he’s older.)

His mom Kristyn Miller wanted to make Jaxon’s second birthday so special that she commissioned an Instant Pot cake — it seemed like the perfect design for her little one. “2:19 represents turning 2 in 2019,” Kristyn explains. Apparently Jaxon also received the coveted Instant Pot toy from Target.

But wait, let’s back up a little bit: How did an Instant Pot become a toddler’s obsession? “My husband and I were gifted an Instant Pot from his parents, and like so many other Instant Pot users, it sat in a box, not open for months,” Kristyn explains. Yet, once she browsed the Facebook Instant Pot Community group online, she realized there were so many recipes and couldn’t wait to whip something up.

“From sitting in the box to being used multiple times a day, it was only a matter of time that Jaxon took note of the beeps, and the whistle of the pressure release. Before he could crawl, I would leave the Instant Pot on the kitchen floor where he could press the buttons and pretend to ‘whip’ (our version of mixing) while he would use his imagination to cook,” she said. 

“Over time, Jaxon started mimicking the sound of the pressure release and it got to the point where he would patiently wait for the recipe to cook and throw a tantrum if I removed him from the kitchen while we waited,” she continued. 

And get this: Kristyn told us that Jaxon even used the Instant Pot box as a walker and it helped him learn to walk! Who knew an Instant Pot could be so useful beyond just making a mean beef chili?! He even ditches toys at friends’ and family’s homes to park in the kitchen instead. “Any home we visit that has an Instant Pot, Jaxon scouts it out and gets so excited. He prefers to play with the Instant Pot over any toys,” she says. 

And while Jaxon will LOVE this awesome cake for this birthday, his favorite recipe is mac ‘n’ cheese, she says. (And we don’t blame him!)