Kick Off the Season With Spring and Summer Cocktails: Spiked Boba from The New York Times

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Memorial Day is a week from today; we can scarcely believe it! To celebrate the informal beginning of the summer season we are giving you a warm weather cocktail recipe every day this week. We’ll lead into a big Memorial Day blowout with summer cocktail recipes from morning till night!

We’re focusing on fruit, herbs, and fresh garden drinks spiked with our favorite liquors.

So we loved this little piece from the Times this weekend – a favorite summer cooler gets a grownup twist with a splash of vodka.

We love boba tea with gummy tapioca balls, that sweet and milky staple of Asian markets and restaurants. A restaurant on Bleecker Street in Greenwich Village is shaking up these teenager favorites with a grownup measure of liquor.

This wouldn’t be hard to do at home. You can buy those bags of boba tapioca pearls in all sizes (and colors!) at many Asian groceries. You cook them until just soft, then combine with homemade tea (try our DIY iced chai) and foamed milk for the real thing at home.

For more info on that spiked boba, check out the original piece here:

(Image: Nicole Bengiveno for The New York Times)