KFC and Tinder Are Playing Matchmaker and They’re Using a Special New Meal and Jack Harlow as Bait

published Oct 21, 2022
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A photo of KFC tenders, fries, sauce and soda on a white surface,
Credit: Courtesy of KFC
KFC Tinder Tenders

You probably don’t think KFC and Tinder have much in common, but apparently both companies are equally vested in helping people find the perfect match. And now they’re partnering to do just that.

To celebrate the arrival of its new Buffalo Ranch dipping sauce, which was launched in stores this week, KFC and Tinder have joined forces to prove that not only is this condiment the perfect partner for its “finger lickin’ good” chicken, but also that ranch and Buffalo are a match made in heaven.

Buffalo sauce with ranch dressing has already been recognized as one of the best food combinations ever made, notes KFC US’ Chief Marketing Officer Nick Chavez. “With the matchmaking magic at Tinder, we’re hoping to help some sauce-loving singles find the buffalo to their ranch,” he says.

For a limited time, couples — or hopeful, hungry singles — can order the Tinder Tenders Meal, which includes six Extra Crispy tenders, two sides, two biscuits, two drinks, and three dipping sauces. And if the idea of meeting at a fast food restaurant for a first date isn’t appealing, not to worry: the Tinder Tenders meal can be ordered online or through the KFC app for pickup and delivery.

But that’s not where this unexpected partnership stops. Starting today, the Tinder app features a quiz called “What’s Your Sauce Style?”, which allows members to identify just how “saucey” they like things to get when given the opportunity to dip. Completing the questionnaire also enters users into KFC’s sweepstakes for a chance to win a Saucy Dream Date for two.

The lucky winner and their date will be treated to a pair of VIP tickets and an all-expenses-paid trip to go see rapper Jack Harlow in concert. Why Jack Harlow, you might ask? He is a Louisville, Kentucky native, so it all stays on brand.

From Tinder’s perspective, this partnership makes sense because, according to Stephanie Danzi, the company’s Senior VP of Global Marketing, being a “foodie” is one of the top interests added to profiles on the dating platform. 

How would you feel if a potential paramour treated you to a Tinder Tenders Meal on the first date?